Proactive Shooter Solutions

Smarter Security is bringing to market the Proactive Shooter
Defense System along with integrations from Patriot One
Technologies. The first solution to offer
a highly-effective weapon sensor system that is passive,
discreet and unnoticeable by pedestrians.

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Proactive Shooter Defense from Smarter Security

The Weapon-Protected Lobby

Active shooter events are proliferating, changing the way
we live and think. The Proactive Shooter Defense System is designed
to detect and prevent entry to people carrying weapons,
addressing the active shooter epidemic head on.

  • Rest easier with unrivaled weapon detection accuracy from
    Patriot One®.
  • Provide streamlined pedestrian flow and eliminate
    redundant queueing with intelligent optical turnstiles from
    Smarter Security®.
  • Rapidly respond to threats with instant lockdown using unrivaled sensor integration.