COVID-19 Response 

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To our valued partners,

It’s a massive understatement to say that we are indeed in unprecedented times. Growing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) are likely having a severe impact on your business. I wanted to personally assure you that at Smarter Security we are working hard to deliver business continuity while dealing with its impact on all our families and communities.

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and taking steps to ensure the safety of our employees and customers while still supporting you as best we can through email, phone calls, and virtual meetings. Smarter Security’s customer success line is open for technical support 24/7 to help you solve any situation that may arise.

We are and will continue to be compliant with all government and CDC guidelines in our operations while we work to minimize the impact this has on the delivery of our products and services.  We are monitoring our manufacturing and logistics timelines closely and promoting communication and transparency in all links of the supply chain as the situation evolves rapidly around the world.

We wish you, your colleagues and families safety, wellness and positivity during these challenging times. As we move forward, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance with our Fastlane turnstiles, Door Detectives or SmarterLobby intelligent access control.


Jeff Brown

Smarter Security, Inc.
110 Wild Basin Road, #200
Austin, TX 78746