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Engineered to deliver the first proactive situational awareness, Smarter Security’s Enterprise Security Platform unifies your entire security infrastructure. It provides a lower total cost of ownership, more rapid deployment and superior convenience for Security Operation Centers of all sizes. Whether you have one site or thousands of sites globally, SmarterESP’s unique integration and threat scoring engine transforms your operation from reactive, to proactive.

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Transform Your Data into Decision

SmarterESP functions as a central operating system for your physical security department, encompassing existing and future elements in your security protocols. Architected to solve unique problems and requirements, the platform automatically adjusts policies and procedures based on real-time threat scores in your environment. Operators can then multi-task,investigate and focus on other issues without ever missing a beat.

Detect More

Translate virtually any 3rd party hardware and software signals for true “unification”

  • Normalizes and centralize data
  • Automatically calculate risk factors
  • Consolidates data to a common language for visibility across applications

Discover More

Score activity in real-time
and assess

  • Around-the-clock surveillance and protection, including mobile platforms
  • Custom rules tailored to your needs
  • Early detection and the ability to adjust permissions in real-time

Do More

Adapt procedures and notifications in real-time

  • Prevent security & data breaches
  • Stop the loss of business & productivity
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Create custom applications using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Components

Every facility has unique environments and requirements. SmarterESP enables physical security practitioners to build an intelligent end-to-end security posture using commercial off-the-shelf components. This means custom workflows and analytics can easily be created for specific projects – all without custom scripts, custom infrastructure or custom costs.


  • Open Architecture
  • User-Defined Threats
  •  HeatMap Interface
Integrated Data

No Data Left Behind

SmarterESP enables a new level of situational awareness across your physical security network to address the silos of data that exist within organizations. The platform is designed to serve as a modern operating system for your physical security management, so practitioners can begin to automatically learn when and where their attention is needed most across their entire technology ecosystem. This means any type of data can be at your operators’ fingertips, enabling security operations to consistently make better decisions more quickly.

  • One Log: Record activity across 3rd party systems
  • One Language: Inject logic between 3rd party systems
  • One Picture: Present results from 3rd party systems

Physical Security’s SMART Zone: Intelligent Multi-Tasking

With so much data and so little time, operators need tools to prioritize their risks and resources, reducing the opportunity to miss something. Like football’s “Red Zone”, SmarterESP automatically presents the most urgent threats to the proper operator based on real-time status and location, in faster, better decisions.

  • Attention support
  • Decision support
  • Collaboration support
Entrance Control Products

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Discover the only physical access control system that enables intelligent permissions based on what matters most to your organization.

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