Fastlane FAQs


  1. Are your power supplies shipped with the turnstiles or do we have to order our own?

    Power supplies are supplied with each Fastlane order. The number of PSUs is based on the lane sets and model ordered.

  2. Are Fastlane turnstiles low voltage units?

    Yes, all Fastlane turnstiles operate on a low Voltage DC 24VDC.

  3. What is the input and output requirement?

    110-240VAC input. 24VDC output.

  4. What size gauge (AWG) is required? Where do you recommend housing the PSU?

    The gauge of wire used can vary according to the wire length to account for resistance. We recommend the power supply for Fastlane turnstiles be mounted near the guard desk, in a secure closet, or near the access control system.

  5. How far can we have the power supplies from the turnstiles?

    Fastlane power supplies can be up to 200' away from the turnstile pedestals when using 12AWG wire. Larger wire will not fit in the connector.

Service and Support

  1. How long should my installation crew expect to be on site for the installation?

    Installation time for Fastlane turnstiles varies with the number of lanes and the work being completed by the GC or other installers. With prep work done to the floor, just mounting and wiring the pedestals would take two inexperienced techs 1-2 hours per lane. Larger lane sets with interlanes would speed the process.

  2. Do you have a list of preventive maintenance steps?

    Maintenance for Fastlane turnstiles is covered at the back of each installation manual and is recommended to be performed once yearly, at a minimum.

  3. Do you have footprint templates available and can I get them shipped early?

    Yes, we can provide pedestal footprint templates in advance of shipping the turnstiles for the project. The templates come at no charge, but there is an additional shipping charge if you want them early.

  4. What is the "4" manufacturer-recommended maintenance gap"?

    A maintenance gap of 4 inches is required on the outside edges of the two outer pedestals to allow technicians to remove panels to access the internal parts. This gap is also required during installation.

  5. How much time is required for scheduling a visit from a technical support team member?

    For predicted service needs such as Site Certification and Preventive Maintenance, we request 3 weeks notice for scheduling. For turnstile issues that suddenly arise, we will work with you to resolve the issue and get on site even faster as scheduling and reasonable air fares allow.

  6. Why do I need Site Certification and Training? What is it? Can I do without it?

    Smarter Security highly recommends Site Certification and Training as it correlates greatly with long product lifetimes and uninterrupted performance. We encourage customers to choose this service by extending our standard 1 year parts warranty an additional 2 years leading to a 3-year parts warranty. Details are available in our datasheet, and in this service we have our tech on-site prior to power-up to verify that turnstiles are installed correctly and that there are no issues upon start-up. We also train the integrator and end-user security manager.

  7. How do I order spares? What if I need an RMA?

    Order spare parts by calling us at 1-800-943-0043 where a sales support person will provide you a quote for parts. Before a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) will be issued for a turnstile under warranty, a Smarter Security technician will first verify RMA validation and trouble-shoot to make sure no other parts are affected. The technician will provide a RMA number, and a sales support person will send a quote. Smarter Security requires a PO in case the part is not covered by the warranty for any reason. Once you send in the part, our technical team will test it and determine if it's defective and under warranty. If the warranty applies, you will not be billed for the part.

  8. Do you keep stock of spare parts in your inventory or do all parts come from the UK?

    We stock virtually all Fastlane spare parts in Austin, Texas. Items that are extremely rare may need to be ordered from the UK, but almost all spare orders are promptly shipped from Austin.

Customization and Changes

  1. We have a Bronze Finish in our lobby. Can we get turnstiles with a Bronze Finish and what is the process?

    Smarter Security can clad our turnstile pedestals in various custom metals. To match the bronze or any material in your lobby, please send us a sample and we will provide a quote for the customization.

  2. We have a project at a facility that requires ADA Lanes 39" wide to accommodate larger wheelchairs. Can we get wider glass panels by 1.5" each to keep the gap at 4"?

    Barriers for Fastlane speedgates cannot be increased in width beyond the normal ADA width. Our non-barrier optical turnstiles can have a wider ADA lane.

  3. Can I have my logo silkscreened onto the glass barrier?

    Yes. You will need to provide us with an eps file of your logo and, based on the turnstile model selected, we will recommend placement and size.

  4. Can I add customization to an UL 2593 listed turnstile?

    The UL listing only applies to standard products. Certain options (e.g. approved tops) would fall within the listing, but customization of dimensions, materials, or operation will void the UL listing.

Product Features

  1. What are the specific glass properties as they apply to safety and non-shattering of the glass?

    Fastlane places a premium on user safety and all glass used on Fastlane turnstiles is toughened safety glass so that it does not shatter into pieces.

  2. What is the MTBF for your optical turnstiles?

    We have not calculated Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) numbers, but Fastlane turnstiles have a product life of 10+ years and are widely regarded for their reliability.

  3. Are your turnstiles fail-safe?

    Yes. See below for details.

  4. What will happen to the turnstiles should power be lost to the building?

    The barrier arms or glass panels will be able to be easily pushed out of the way to allow people to proceed through the lanes. A battery backup integration option is available, which would allow the barriers to automatically open for free egress.

  5. Can a battery be installed inside turnstile in case of power loss?

    Yes, one battery per motor is allowed within the pedestal.

  6. Will the barriers open during fire alarm?

    If the turnstiles are properly connected to the fire alarm system, the barriers will automatically open for free egress.

  7. Which barrier models have a choice of different glass heights?

    Current turnstile models with barrier-height choices are: Glassgate 200, Glassgate 300, and Glassgate 400.

  8. What is the force of entry for glass barrier models?

    The force required to push open Fastlane turnstiles varies by model and is listed in the A&E specs for each model. Glassgate 200 and 400 models are available with optional locking barriers that cannot be forced open without breaking the glass.

  9. What options does our customer have for Elevator Dispatch?

    Smarter Security has worked with all the major elevator suppliers to assist customers in integrating their lobby turnstiles with the elevator dispatch system. Needs vary, but installing a dispatch display unit in the turnstile top is common. Not all Fastlane models are equally suited for elevator dispatch; we will discuss your unique situation and help you how we can.

General and Business

  1. What is the production and shipping lead time for turnstile orders?

    Please allow 8 – 12 weeks from the date of a complete order for standard Fastlane optical turnstiles to arrive. Custom turnstiles will typically require 12 – 16 weeks.

  2. Do you sell direct? Do you know someone in my area that you can connect me with?

    Smarter Security does not sell direct and we can recommend a systems integrator in your area if you need one. We have region managers in some of the largest metro areas to assist you.

  3. What is required to get my company set up with terms?

    Please send us a credit Application and copy of your reseller certificate and we will notify you of credit terms.

  4. What is the "Quick Ship" program and which models qualify?

    Quick Ship is a Fastlane offering under which the lead time to receive turnstiles can be greatly reduced as we ship from existing inventory. This accelerated shipping requires the customer to choose a standard product configuration. Glassgate 150 is only model offering Quick Ship today. Note: payment terms differ for the Quick Ship option.