Door Detective FAQs

  1. Can we embed the Door Detective CL into a wall?

    Yes, as long as there is no obstruction in the beam path during normal use.

  2. Can you record a message on the Door Detective to play back upon alarm?

    Door Detective has no built-in speaker to play a message but by using the ALR output on the units, you can integrate Door Detective with a system that can perform this function.

  3. What access control systems do your Door Detective and optical turnstiles work with?

    Fastlane and Door Detective easily integrate with the vast majority of access control systems as we only require a dry input for granting access in one direction.

  4. What are the power requirements of the Door Detective?

    We provide a 12VDC power supply.

  5. Can we use our own power supply for Door Detective?

    No. We provide power supplies for all our entry control systems. The systems may not perform as designed and the warranty is invalid if any other power supply is used.

  6. Which of the Door Detective models have anti-crawl?

    Anti-crawl is a standard feature on the CL It can be added to the Compact at an additional cost by stacking the units. Defeating by crawling is a low risk as it's not possible to crawl under Door Detective when the door is closed and if someone has just opened the door, it will be obvious to the user if another person is crawling in behind him.

  7. Can I rotate the mounting of the Door Detective CL?

    Yes, but you will need to verify that the beams still align well.