Outdoor Security - Passive Infrared Motion Detectors

Advanced motion detection is an effective way to secure a property or outdoor space without building expensive new infrastructure. Passive infrared sensors work by detecting minute changes in temperature through telescopic mirror glass optics.

Our carefully tuned motion sensors are capable of detecting even the slightest hint of movement but only trigger in the event of a legitimate security threat. SmarterBeam combines passive infrared technology with precision optics to offer unparalleled outdoor security and fewer nuisance alarms than any similar product.

Avoid False Alarms

A security system that goes off every time the wind blows or a bird flies by is not doing its job. SmarterBeam is proven to have one of the lowest nuisance alarm rates in the industry without missing real threats. What makes Smarter Security products superior to other outdoor security solutions is precision engineering matched with expert site certification and calibration.

It’s not enough to simply sell a motion detection product; you have to know how to implement and maintain it as well. At Smarter Security, we come up with a security plan, assist with installation, and support the system as needed.

All-weather Security

Environmental factors such as rain, snow, and fog can wreak havoc on many motion-based security systems — but not SmarterBeam. The IR sensors we use employ an advanced process called “double optical filtering,” which effectively eliminates interference from heavy precipitation, wind, and other common environmental disturbances.

On top of that, all of our products are made to stand up to extreme temperatures. SmarterBeam provides continuous year-round security — rain or shine, freezing or scorching.

SmarterBeam is available in four models, a wired and a wireless verison featuring distinct coverage patterns:

     LR and LRW: A three-zone, continuous, “narrow-curtain” detection area with a range of 500’ (150 m)

     WA and WAW: A 100’-wide (30 m), “fan-out” detection area with a range of 90’ (27 m)

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