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Large Energy Company Increases Security with Glassgate 200
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Large Energy Company Increases Security with Glassgate 200

Energy is a critical industry in America and therefore, security of our energy is essential. One of the largest companies chose to add four lanes of Fastlane Glassgate® 200 to secure two lobbies of a building in the northeast. To maximize security, the customer selected 5-foot-high barriers with the optional locking brake to obstruct intruders attempting to push past the barriers.

The customer had previously installed Glassgate 200 in another facility in the south and appreciated both the reliability and the aesthetics of the turnstiles. Fastlane floor protectors were used so the integrator didn’t have to core the floor of this older building. Nearly a decade after Glassgate 200 changed the industry, it continues to be a favorite amongst Fortune 500 companies with beautiful lobbies.


  Glassgate 200

New Field Sales Manager in Midwest

Smarter Security has had great success in the Midwest and with our new Region Manager, we look forward to even more. Amber Guerin recently joined the company and was mentored by her predecessor, Richard Grams, before taking over the 10-state territory, which she has quickly embraced.

Amber comes to us from Anixter in Chicago where she sold surveillance and access control systems for more than four years. She also spent time at Belden where she gained networking experience that will be an asset as security moves to IP. Amber lives in Chicago, and if you’re in the Midwest, we hope you meet her soon.


  Amber Guerin

More Videos of Door Detective CL

Door Detective® CL remains the most popular model among our doorway anti-tailgating systems. We recently added five videos of the product to YouTube to demonstrate the security effectiveness of the system. As a niche product with few competitors, these videos help show what people frequently can’t imagine.

The videos also demonstrate the speed and intelligence of Door Detective CL and show the visual appeal of the model in HD. All Door Detective models solve the problems of piggybacking, tailgating, and direction control at access-controlled doors, while enhancing employee accountability. Take 2 minutes and watch the videos today!


  Door Detective video

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We’ve been involved with social media for years and what we’ve seen over time is that this is a medium that is here to stay. While the platforms have changed and grown in number in five years, the core ones for our B2B community are well established. We invite you to follow Smarter Security on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and/or Facebook.

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Fastlane Reliability – by the Numbers

Reliability is such an important feature of Fastlane turnstiles that our customers have cited it as the #1 reason end users choose Fastlane over competition. To help put some “numbers” to our Field-proven Reliability advantage, we share the following stories of Fastlane in the field.

Financial co. / 22 lanes Glassgate 150
6,000 people/day
3 years of service – 1 part replaced

High-Rise Building / 18 lanes of Fastlane Plus AS
5,000 people/day
3.5 years of service – no parts replaced

Health Insurance co. / 18 lanes of Glassgate 250
4,000 people/day
4 years of service – 1 part replaced



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