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Press Releases 2016

Midwest Supermarket Chain with its Headquarters Building Protected by Fastlane Orders Glassgate 400 Optical Turnstiles to Secure the Employee Entrance to a Distribution Center
Austin, Texas – March 23, 2016

Smarter Security, Inc., provider of premium, innovative entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced a Midwest supermarket chain ordered Fastlane Glassgate 400 speedgates to secure one of its distribution centers. The company has relied on Fastlane turnstiles to secure its headquarters and another building for nearly two years and selected the same model for its warehouse due to the reliability and success of the existing installations.

“The desire for secured lobbies continues to expand beyond the typical big-city applications and customers,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “We’re also seeing increased orders of Fastlanes with locking barriers, another sign that security efforts are tightening, and we've met the growing need by providing optional locking brakes on most of our barrier turnstiles. We’re thrilled to continue securing additional sites with this large, high-quality customer.”

The supermarket chain ordered two lanes of Glassgate 400 with six-foot barriers from Smarter Security to secure the employee entrance of the distribution center. The company chose Fastlane turnstiles to protect employees from various threats and to provide better insight to management on who is in the building at all times. The inclusion of the locking brake matches the lanes in the company’s headquarters. This initial installation of Glassgate 400s has been so pleasing to management that no other alternative was considered to secure this additional building.

Smarter Security’s Fastlane Glassgate 400 with the optional locking brakes and six-foot-high barriers is the highest security turnstile in the Fastlane line. The swinging glass barriers move in the direction of user travel to allow authorized personnel quick entry. Optional toothed, locking brakes prevent the barriers from being pushed open. Fastlane’s industry-leading intelligence minimizes nuisance and false alarms while providing ¼ inch tailgate detection. For user safety, Glassgate 400 is fashioned with safety beams to minimize the chance for human contact. Unlike other brands, full-height shafts support the glass barriers to reduce the risk of breakage. Glassgate 400 is available in three additional barrier heights.