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Press Releases 2014

Door Detective Helps Secure Tenant Space Entrance Doors in Multiple Buildings and Aids in Reinforcing the Importance of Security to All Employees
Austin, Texas – December 9, 2014

Smarter Security, Inc., provider of premium, innovative entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced that a financial institution in the northeast United States recently purchased more Door Detective® units to better secure its office spaces. Since testing the tailgate detection system in 2012, this customer has placed more than ten orders of Door Detective to strengthen the traditional access control used at public-facing doors throughout several buildings.

“This customer has been a terrific one, and we are proud to be working with them as they grow into additional corporate locations,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “It’s all about accountability. While many organizations could benefit from tighter security at some doors, it makes total sense that financial institutions which maintain so much confidential, personal data and high-value assets would want to reduce the risk created every time an access-controlled door is opened. We’ve had a record number of orders for Door Detective this year and it’s partly because we’re growing the base of existing customers coming back for more after seeing how well Door Detective works.”

The financial institution ordered six more Door Detective CL units from Smarter Security to secure the entry doors to newly leased spaces in multi-tenant buildings. The customer prefers the CL model with its premium aesthetics because these doors are highly visible to employees. Anti-tailgating and employee accountability are very important to the organization so audible and visual alarms from the CL are followed by security staff confronting the intruder or employees that have participated in “piggybacking” – an authorized person knowingly letting someone else enter the secured space. After thoroughly testing Door Detective CL in 2012, the customer placed a large order and has ordered small amounts several times in each year since as it expands its operations.

Door Detective CL is an anti-tailgating and direction-control system from Smarter Security that is used to complete access control at a door by securing the doorway once the door is opened. If more than one person passes through after an authentication that unlocks the door, Door Detective sounds a local alarm and can trigger additional security actions. Door Detective also helps ensure that people pass only in the approved direction. For example, if one exit is authorized at the door, someone trying to enter through that door will trigger alarms since an entrance was not authorized. Door Detective keeps things honest once a door is opened, providing the accountability that organizations are seeking. Smarter Security offers two other Door Detective models and more information is available on all three at