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Press Releases 2014

Perimeter Security for Government Sites Provided by Smarter Security

Federal Government Integrator Chooses SmarterBeam VWA100 Passive IR Motion Detector as Part of a Solution for Border Security
Austin, Texas – February 19, 2014

Smarter Security, Inc., provider of premium, innovative entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced that a federal government integrator recently purchased nearly one hundred units of SmarterBeam™ VWA100. SmarterBeam will be used as part of an integrated surveillance system at multiple sites along an international border. An initial test of four units proved the effectiveness of SmarterBeam in accurately detecting intrusions.

“We are excited to receive this large SmarterBeam order and to be part of this government solution for improving border security,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “SmarterBeam is a very flexible solution that stands up to challenging climates where others fail, and it has precision engineering that provides a very high probability of detection and alarm accuracy. In addition to our unique technology advantages, Smarter Security’s consultative sales engineering approach ensures the optimal solution is deployed while saving our customers a small fortune.”

A federal government integrator ordered more than 90 units of Smarter Security’s SmarterBeam VWA100 and is deploying four units at various sites along an international border. SmarterBeam will protect sites containing surveillance cameras, sensors and other equipment used in securing the border from illegal crossings. The customer chose SmarterBeam VWA100 because its wide detection range would allow the detection of intrusions in any part of a site, not just along the perimeter. Prior to this large order, the government integrator performed a rigorous lab test of four units and proved the reliability and accuracy of SmarterBeam would help solve the problems facing the border authorities.

SmarterBeam from Smarter Security is a line of passive infrared motion detectors designed to warn of intrusions and perform in harsh outdoor environments. SmarterBeam VWA100 is unique in the line as it is provides detection coverage for a broad space 100-feet wide. SmarterBeam has precision mirror glass optics that provide a very high detection rate in sensing intruders crawling, walking, or running through the detection area. Upon alarm, it can trigger additional alarm response, such as turning on lights or moving PTZ cameras. A mounting height of 13-feet and a tamper alarm reduce vandalism and risk.