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Press Releases 2013

Smarter Security Announces More IP-enabled and UL 2593 Listed Optical Turnstiles

Many Fastlane Barrier Turnstile Models are Upgraded to Provide Cost, Convenience, and Safety Benefits for Customers
Austin, Texas – October 22, 2013

Smarter Security, provider of premium, innovative entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced that many more Fastlane optical turnstiles now have IP connectivity and are certified under UL 2593. With these upgrades to standard product offerings, at least two-thirds of Fastlane barrier turnstile models have these features which are increasing in importance to end users. No other supplier offers as many models so equipped, and this product leadership has helped sustain Fastlane from Smarter Security as the market share leader for the fifth consecutive year.

“We just had a fantastic experience at the ASIS International show in Chicago where customers were enthusiastic to see every Fastlane turnstile in our booth IP-enabled,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “Our ongoing roll-out of capabilities from this TCP/IP connectivity is going to obsolete non-networked turnstiles, and we want to help customers make the switch. Together with UL 2593 and our unique Fastlane distributed intelligence architecture, we have a compelling offering for corporations, government agencies, and Class A high-rise buildings seeking to enhance entry security at a lower cost.”

Fastlane Connect provides IP capability for Fastlane systems and is now standard on seven barrier turnstiles, including all Glassgate products, Glasswing, and Fastlane Plus 400MA. Fastlane Glassgate 250 was the industry’s first UL 2593 listed turnstile, and now Fastlane has a total of six, including Glassgate 150, Glasswing, and all three Fastlane Plus models. Fastlane offers more UL 2593 listed optical turnstiles than the rest of the industry combined.

UL 2593 is a modern standard designed for the turnstile industry, and unlike the traditionally used UL 325, it has requirements covering security and access prevention. UL certification helps end users save time and money in introducing building lobby security upgrades and enhances safety. Connect is a standard feature and an end user can decide whether to bring the Fastlane turnstiles onto its network, create a standalone network, or delay connecting the turnstiles until a later date. Connect advantages include greater control in managing the entry process and lower service costs stemming from remote adjustments and diagnostics. The web-based system enables security staff and technicians to interact with turnstiles from any computer, tablet or smartphone.