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Press Releases 2012

Optical Turnstiles from Smarter Security Secure University Offices and Student Center

Colorado-based University Installs Fastlane Plus and Fastlane 400 OT Optical Turnstiles to Provide Advanced Security for Protecting Students and Administrators
Austin, Texas – September 26, 2012

Smarter Security, Inc., provider of premium, innovative entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced that a Colorado-based university has installed two models of Fastlane optical turnstiles at a multi-use facility. The university chose to adopt high-end access control efforts for its newly constructed facility by installing Smarter Security’s Fastlane Plus 400MA barrier-arm turnstile and Fastlane 400 OT non-barrier optical turnstiles to protect separate entrances.

“Colleges and universities across the country are making greater security-related investments to provide safe campuses and learning environments for their students, faculty, and staff,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of Smarter Security. “We continue to see a growing number of orders for our Fastlane optical turnstiles to secure dormitories, libraries, and administration offices. Fastlane turnstiles have premium aesthetics, which universities often value, and provide a strong return on investment due to their high reliability and alarm accuracy. We are pleased to work with this university to better secure its new facility and protect the building's occupants and assets.”

Two lanes of Smarter Security’s Fastlane 400 OT are used at the building’s main entrance, which allows access to various student services and amenities, including a fitness center. A single lane of Fastlane Plus 400MA is used on a separate floor to restrict access to the university’s administrative offices. Local references from existing Smarter Security customers that are pleased with both the support from Smarter Security and the performance of Fastlane turnstiles helped secure the sale. Security officials with the university chose Fastlane Plus because the turnstile’s metal barrier arm is a durable and cost-effective deterrent for intruders. Since the university wanted a more open feel at the main entrance of its new facility, they selected Fastlane 400 OT, a non-barrier, optical-only turnstile with an imposing pedestal that closely matches the Fastlane Plus design.

Fastlane turnstiles with and without barriers utilize the same advanced Fastlane optical technology that allows fast throughput, detects tailgaters following close behind, and accurately alarms unauthorized access. Smarter Security offers three other barrier-free models, two additional Fastlane Plus units, as well as a variety of speedgates with barrier glass up to six feet high. For more information on Smarter Security products, including a university case study involving the use of Fastlane turnstiles to secure residential housing, please visit