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Press Releases 2009

Elegant Fastlane® ClearStyle™ 400 Provides Lobby Security with Sleek, New Design
Austin, Texas – June 16, 2009

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced the availability of its new Fastlane ClearStyle 400 optical turnstile. The new product updates the design of the original architect-inspired ClearStyle to reflect more contemporary building designs.

“ClearStyle has long been considered the most elegant optical turnstile on the market. The new ClearStyle 400 strengthens this position as its patented design is now even more sleek,” said Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems. “Buildings choose ClearStyle because of its unique, minimalist design and fast throughput. The new 400 model can also further increase throughput as it accommodates our FastScan™ TVS integrated barcode/proximity reader, for which we’re seeing eager market acceptance.”

ClearStyle 400 is secure without a barrier because it has the tailgate detection and alarm accuracy inherent in Fastlane technology. Already small by industry standards, the 400 is even narrower than its predecessor: the pedestals are only 2.2” wide from end to end. Moreover, the large base rings from the original model have been eliminated, so the footprint on the ground is significantly smaller and sleeker as the pedestal cleanly merges into the lobby floor. The glass-like acrylic side panels and the mere 31” length of ClearStyle 400 allow it to blend into any lobby and make it a favorite of architects.

The shape of ClearStyle 400 is not only more stylish, but also more functional. At each end of the acrylic side-panel, stainless steel ends extend out at an angle in opposite directions (as in a zig zag pattern). Unlike the original model, this new design allows for internal mounting of a variety of readers, such as FastScan TVS, for an even more elegant appearance. For more information on ClearStyle 400, please visit: