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Press Releases 2009

SmarterSentry™ GTX is More Powerful and Easier to Use; See it in Washington D.C.
Austin, Texas – July 22, 2009

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, announced today the availability of SmarterSentry GTX, a mobile surveillance unit designed to provide live video from virtually anywhere. The new SmarterSentry adds convenience and portability features, as well as features to enhance the remote video surveillance it provides and to protect the unit while in operation. A SmarterSentry GTX is now stationed near Washington, D.C.

“Government and military agencies will find the GTX version of SmarterSentry to be fit for their demanding, unmanned mobile surveillance needs,” said Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems. “This unit provides more and better video, is easier to use, and is more secure. And it’s designed for extremes. With the 30-day uninterruptible power supply, satellite communications, helicopter hooks, and weather hardiness, you really can have surveillance practically anywhere in the world in almost no time.”

SmarterSentry already had a durable platform with independent suspension enabling it to be towed anywhere, but the GTX unit also has helicopter hooks allowing it to be placed off-shore or where roads don’t provide access. Once the unit is in location, it now takes less time to get it up and running. Two electric winches make it easier and faster to raise the telescoping mast allowing one person to deploy SmarterSentry GTX in less than 20 minutes. Once deployed, the unit itself is more secure from undesired relocation with the addition of a removable tow hitch. The spare tire now has a wheel lock to prevent theft.

The digital video recorder is upgraded on the GTX model to a SmarterDVR™ 250 that enables 30 frames per second for each of the four standard cameras. This provides full-motion video to improve live event assessment and investigation of recorded evidence. Three guy wires anchor the mast for increased camera stability and image clarity. The GTX also doubles the maximum capacity for video storage to up to one terabyte allowing for longer recordings or higher frequency recordings before an on-site visit. While remote connectivity to the DVR for live or recorded video takes many forms, such as cellular, satellite, or mesh network, SmarterSentry GTX also makes it easy to manage the DVR at the unit. The GTX comes equipped with a durable case containing a daylight-readable LCD monitor and waterproof keyboard that can quickly be connected to the DVR for local management. The case is portable to help prevent unauthorized local access.

SmarterSentry is unique among mobile surveillance units in that it is powered by a quiet, clean, and reliable propane-to-electric generator. Smarter Security Systems recently unveiled the GTX at FPED VII, a bi-annual, event for military and homeland security agencies. To allow additional government entities and other private organizations on the east coast to see SmarterSentry GTX, a unit is now stationed in the Washington D.C. metro area. To arrange a local demonstration, please contact Smarter Security at 800.943.0043 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on SmarterSentry please visit