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Press Releases 2008

SmarterDVR 150 with Motion-Triggered Still and Video Cameras Sends Wireless Alerts and Photos While Protecting Outdoor Assets
Austin, Texas – October 14, 2008

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced the availability of the SmarterDVR 150, a self-powered camera, DVR, and wireless communication system that secures valuable and vulnerable outdoor assets. SmarterDVR 150 is an all-inclusive, discreet box that includes a still camera, a video camera, invisible IR for nighttime security, a flash-based DVR, and a GSM cellular modem that can send alarm alerts via text messages or via emails with snapshot evidence.

“SmarterDVR 150 solves a pain point that has not been adequately addressed. The system provides instant 24/7 security, serving essentially as a 'virtual guard,' even where there is no power," said Mark Ellsworth, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Smarter Security Systems. "Organizations and municipalities struggling with theft or vandalism can rapidly deploy SmarterDVR 150 and have a complete outdoor security solution that detects, sends alerts, and records illegal activities to assist with prevention and suspect apprehension efforts.”

SmarterDVR 150 provides a number of unique, very significant advantages including:

1. Snapshot & Motion Video Surveillance – motion-triggered still and video cameras enhance evidence
2. Day & Night Protection – invisible infrared enables nighttime security without alerting criminals
3. Redundant Evidence Storage –photos are stored remotely and are accessible via a secure website, while video files are stored locally on flash memory…evidence is protected
4. Remote Management – manage multiple features on units via an intuitive web interface

SmarterDVR 150 is powered by a rechargeable battery which can be charged by an optional solar panel for perpetual use.  The integrated cell modem allows SmarterDVR 150 to send email notifications and text messages to multiple people when there is an alarm. The inclusion of a still image with the email alert allows real-time threat assessment so responders can take appropriate, timely action. With an intuitive website to remotely manage multiple SmarterDVR 150s and view all still camera images, the systems can easily be placed in remote locations and left unattended for extended periods.

SmarterDVR 150 is ideal for preventing copper theft and other crimes against utilities, energy companies, cell towers, and others with remote, unmanned operations. SmarterDVR 150 will also help municipalities and law enforcement with issues such as vandalism, graffiti, monitoring of intersections, and illegal dumping.