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Press Releases 2008

Top Wireless Carrier Deploys SmarterDVR™ 200 to Detect and Prevent Intrusions
Austin, Texas – November 11, 2008

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, announced today that one of the top wireless companies in America has deployed the SmarterDVR 200 at cell tower sites in Texas to provide security and reduce thefts of its property.

“SmarterDVR 200 is an excellent choice for the outdoor security issues this company was facing,” said Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems. “With perpetrators doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage with each hit and potentially disrupting wireless service in the process, the need was significant. SmarterDVR 200 sends alerts upon alarm and provides real-time video for verification of the issue. This gives police or security personnel timely intelligence to help them interrupt the crime in progress and limit the equipment damage.”

With hundreds of cell towers across the state of Texas, the wireless carrier deployed SmarterDVR 200 at 15 sites, many of which had been plagued by thefts in recent months. The units are watching the control house and other equipment which thieves were increasingly breaking into due to the slumping economy and rising metal prices. Given the portability of the systems, the company intends to move the SmarterDVRs around to different tower sites as security threats materialize

SmarterDVR 200 records, stores, and sends video and snapshots taken by up to four outdoor surveillance cameras. Full pan/tilt/zoom control of connected PTZ cameras is enabled via intuitive client software or a web interface. Email alerts notify responders of any intrusions and the responder can use the SmarterDVR 200 interface to access real-time video and zoom in on the threat. An optional cell modem enables deployment in remote locations where there may be little infrastructure. SmarterDVR 200 is offered in an enclosure designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and temperature extremes.