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Press Releases 2008

Worldwide Health Club Deploys Fastlane Door Detective at Hundreds of Locations
Austin, Texas – June 3, 2008

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, announced today that Anytime Fitness, a national, franchised fitness center with nearly 800 locations, has chosen its Fastlane Door Detective to secure the entrances at its clubs. Door Detective ensures that only one person enters a club each time a member presents electronic credentials at the main entrance. By reducing the prior “tailgating” problem the fitness center experienced, Smarter Security helps to enable the promise of 24-hour access in a financially competitive and sustainable way.

“We had a small problem of members letting their friends in to work out for free when there was no one staffing the front door,” said Mark Daly, National Media Director for Anytime Fitness. “Door Detective is very effective at detecting such violations, and yields information on which members are participating in this abuse. This has helped us to develop revenue streams from people formerly cheating the system, and we now recommend Door Detective for each new club opening.”

Door Detective is unique in doorway entrance control as it features microprocessors programmed with neural network software. Infrared beams from enclosures mounted on the door frame monitor how many people pass through an open, access-controlled doorway. Alarms identify violations and the intelligence in the Fastlane technology virtually eliminates false alarms.

“Door Detective is superior in detecting real tailgaters. We initially used an alternative system and experienced an unacceptable number of false alarms,” said Steven Vierck, Chief Operating Officer of ProVision Security Solutions, a security integrator who assists Anytime Fitness with its security needs. “The installation is also cost-effective and easier due to the enclosures not having to be perfectly aligned. As buildings naturally shift over time, this problem was amplified and led to costly fixes with the alternative system.”

ProVision is the preferred security vendor for Anytime Fitness. ProVision was chosen by the international franchise from a pool of security companies and awarded the “preferred vendor” designation due to its nationwide service presence and its expertise in the design and integration of security, surveillance, and access control systems.

“It is rewarding to see Door Detective is working to raise revenues and control costs for hundreds of Anytime Fitness locations,” said Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems. “The reliability and security provided by Door Detective is essential in this environment and many others where, without a truly secure door, intruders present a financial risk.”

Anytime Fitness opened its first club in 2002 and today is not only the largest 24-hour, co-ed fitness club, but is also the fastest-growing franchised fitness club in the world. Convenience is a hallmark of the brand, and 24/7 access is offered in every club location. To reduce the staffing requirements of its franchisees, Anytime Fitness requires an access control and anti-tailgating solution be used at every location. With Door Detective, franchise owners can leave their club unstaffed at any time confident that they are not losing revenue to people who should be paying dues and that their clients feel secure in the club while they exercise.