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Press Releases 2008

Fastlane Optical Turnstiles Build on Industry Leadership
Austin, Texas – July 14, 2008

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, today announced the availability of an integrated visitor and tenant reader solution for use in its Fastlane brand of optical and optical/barrier turnstiles. This new system uniquely solves a large problem – how to rapidly and efficiently process visitors to a building. Fastlane is the only turnstile brand with such an integrated solution on the market today.

“Buildings have struggled for a long time with managing visitors in a fluid manner,” said Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems. “There is great Visitor Management software on the market, but it has been a challenge getting temporary visitor badges read consistently by bar code systems embedded inside turnstiles. Security consultants often look for Fastlane to lead in innovation, and once again we have listened and delivered.”

The new system consists of a proximity reader for tenants or employees, and either one or two bar code readers for visitors, all mounted at proper angles and distances in one compact module. The multiple readers integrate to provide a single Wiegand output, which is far more economical and efficient for the access control system. The bar code readers are positioned properly to ensure that visitor badges, when inserted into the slot, are forced into the “sweet spot” for the bar code readers ensuring they get read without the need for assistance from an expensive security guard. This leads to a better experience for visitors and to faster throughput for people entering the building.

This bar code/proximity reader system can be aesthetically integrated into the tops of nearly all Fastlane turnstiles, mounted behind a slotted window. The system is available as an option on the turnstiles, and comes factory-installed, which makes setup of a new turnstile easier and less costly.