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Press Releases 2007

Fastlane Plus Top Optical Turnstile Product Pick of 2006
Austin, Texas – January 01, 2007

Smarter Security Systems is proud to announce that its Fastlane® Plus optical turnstile with barrier-arms has been selected by Buildings Magazine as its Top Access Control Product Pick of 2006.
Combining the best of both optical and mechanical technologies, Fastlane Plus is designed to ensure only one person gains entrance for every biometric or card authorization. A large number of active infrared beams form matrix paths between the pedestals. Microprocessors then gather data, monitoring the movement of people with pinpoint accuracy and instructing the fast acting arms to respond accordingly.

Building managers continually juggle the conflicting desires of building occupants, not to mention government regulations and architectural visions.  Fastlane Plus engineers kept all of this in mind in its design.  For instance, while security is an important factor in giving tenants peace of mind, that same person often does not want to be inconvenienced by security devices. Or while a physical barrier is important, can it effectively impede intruders, still operate safely, look aesthetically appealing and pass emergency egress regulations?  With Fastlane Plus, these issues are addressed and resolved.
Fastlane Plus is not only unsurpassed in security features, but also user safety, ease of use, aesthetics, maintenance, installation features and emergency egress options, as follows:

• Catching Intruders-   A superior optic system detects unauthorized entrants from any direction within one quarter inch of an authorized entrant.

• Impeding Intruders- Unlike others, Fastlane Plus physically impedes tailgaters with fast-acting (half second) vertically rising arms.  This unique ability allows guards to respond at the turnstile as opposed to chasing intruders onto the elevators or secured area.

• Safety of Barrier Arm Operation- Multiple safety beams are designed to keep the arm from striking entrants once they are in the beam path, with as many or more safety beams than many turnstile companies use in their entire turnstile system.

• Avoiding Lines during High Traffic Periods- One person per second throughput capability is two to three times faster than other brands. This can also mean great savings as fewer lanes are needed for many buildings, Fastlane Plus also uniquely has the ability to keep the barrier system open to see if another authorized person is entering which speeds people through the lane.  It also features a unique buffering system which eliminates delays waiting for the person ahead of you to exit the lane.

• User and Guard Acceptance-  Pinpoint alarm accuracy eliminates a high percentage of false alarms since the beams are trained to look for body mass and leg patterns while ignoring many other beam interruptions such as briefcases, umbrellas etc.

• User Friendly Lane Indicators- Intuitive chasing red and green LEDs guide users through the lane, plus a two stage alarm system provides first a warning to unauthorized entrants so they can modify their entrance, and then a louder alarm that goes to the guards if the person continues.

• Aesthetic Concerns- Fastlane Plus is designed with impeccable aesthetics to please even the most discriminating architects.  It is about one half the size of most other brands with models as small as 38” long…better security using about one half of the valuable lobby space  Pedestals can be constructed of a variety of metals with countertops made from materials complimenting any interior design.

• ADA Compliance- Achievable utilizing the same streamlined pedestals as standard width lanes.

• Compliance with Emergency Egress Codes- Along with Fire Alarm inputs and self-resetting variable tension breakaway arms, if egress requires an open lane at all times, Fastlane Plus can also be operated in a “normally open” mode whereby arms will only rise in reaction to an alarm.  Free egress is accomplished by simply walking through the lane.

• Maintainability- Side panels easily remove through well-hidden allen screws, making the occasional preventive maintenance easily accessible.

• Ease of Installation- CAT5 cable makes pedestal synchronization a simple plug and play procedure.

Fastlane Plus delivers the whole ‘secure yet user-friendly’ package with a significant focus on lobby aesthetics.  After all, providing truly successful entry control systems has been Fastlane’s business for over 18 years on six continents.

To learn more about how Fastlane Plus can help secure your building, please contact the company toll free at 800-943-0043 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.