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Press Releases 2006

Smarter Security Systems Optical Turnstiles and A4Vision Face up to Security at ASIS 2006
Austin, Texas – September 01, 2006

Smarter Security Systems and A4Vision (Application for Vision) are teaming up for this year’s ASIS Exhibition, September 25-27, at the San Diego Convention Center, to showcase an advanced approach to high security access control. At Smarter Security’s Fastlane Booth #1343 and A4Vision Booth #3951, A4 Vision’s 3D Face Reader will be integrated with Smarter Security’s Fastlane® Plus and Fastlane GlassWingTM turnstiles to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new technology.

The A4Vision Access 3D Face Reader can recognize users as they approach the turnstile. With read ranges up to two yards and a fast sub-second response time, the Face Reader is designed to open the Fastlane before the user gets to it. This is when Smarter Security’s Fastlane technology takes control, featuring ¼" tailgate detection, pinpoint accuracy, speed and the aesthetic advantages synonymous worldwide with the Fastlane brand.  Fastlane Plus contains all of Fastlane's superior security intelligence, along with barrier arms to physically impede unauthorized entry attempts, while Fastlane GlassWing uses fast-acting retracting glass barriers to block intruders. The GlassWing also features more safety beams around its barriers than competing brands provide in their entire turnstile lane.

Through the use of advanced hardware and algorithms integrated with proven access control software, 3D face recognition provides high accuracy and security, while allowing users to benefit from an ergonometric “no touch” access control solution.

The benefits to security are significant as each individual in the building has a unique “facial access card” that is always with them, thereby removing the threat caused by lost, stolen, or passed on cards. This, coupled with the tailgate detection of the Fastlane turnstiles, demonstrates a thorough but user-friendly security system.

“The combination of A4Vision and Fastlane is extremely exciting. A4Vision is one of the market leaders in facial recognition, and the quickness and accuracy of the system’s response makes A4Vision an ideal tie in with our Fastlane range, where speed of access and ease of use are key benefits of the range. This integration of technologies provides for a high security front end to an access control system where the Face Reader quickly detects authorized users, and the Fastlane detects and deters the unauthorized users and highlights their presence to security staff,” says Jeff Brown, President of Smarter Security Systems.

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