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Press Releases 2006

Smarter Security Redefines lobby security with the new Fastlane ® GlassGate ™
Austin, Texas – November 01, 2006

Smarter Security Systems introduces the new Fastlane GlassGate. This next generation pedestrian speedgate combines Fastlane’s industry-leading intelligence, speed, accuracy and ¼” tailgater detection with tall glass barriers for a more imposing, yet sleek visual deterrent.

Unlike other glass barrier systems, Fastlane provides this unsurpassed protection while maintaining the streamlined profile it is known for, avoiding the need for extremely wide enclosures. With pedestals that are only 6.4” wide as opposed to 20” or more, GlassGate blends into the fabric of attractive high rise, government and headquarter lobbies, eliminating the ‘mass transit’ look and feel that others convey.

At the company’s new product launch, Smarter Security’s President, Jeff Brown, stated, “What we are accomplishing with GlassGate is really significant. Lots of building owners like the added deterrence of tall glass barriers, but they simply do not want their lobbies to feel like Ft. Knox. Fastlane GlassGate finally provides them a solution that meets and exceeds both desires.”

Regarding safety features, GlassGate is unique in providing breakaway glass barriers, a tremendous advantage in minimizing liability and emergency egress concerns for owners. GlassGate also integrates with fire alarm systems so that in an emergency the barriers automatically open in the exit direction for free egress. Safety beams monitor the area near the barrier, designed to avoid human contact with the gate. GlassGate systems consist of a single barrier for standard lanes, and a double barrier for the wider passage required for ADA compliance.

GlassGate is a terrific addition to the world-leading Fastlane brand, which consists of the Fastlane Plus line of optical/barrier turnstiles, the Fastlane optical turnstile line (ideal for slightly lower security situations), and the Fastlane Door Detective for doorway tailgate detection.

Smarter Security Systems, Ltd. markets the Fastlane brand of entrance control solutions as well as remote wireless video solutions. For more information on Smarter Security and their products please go to or call 800.943.0043.