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Press Releases 2005

Smarter Security Systems Adds New GlassWing ™ Turnstile Gate to Fastlane ® Speedgate Turnstile Range
Austin, Texas – September 02, 2005

Smarter Security Systems introduces the new Fastlane GlassWing. GlassWing is a next generation speedgate that combines Fastlane’s industry-leading intelligence, speed, accuracy and ¼” tailgater detection with glass barriers that recess into the pedestals for authorized personnel.

“GlassWing carries on the Fastlane heritage of advanced intelligence, which translates to much tighter security, greater speed, and fewer false alarms”, said Jeff Brown, Smarter Security’s president. “All Fastlane optical turnstile systems are, in essence, extremely intelligent computers. Unlike others who rely on simple PLC logic, every lane of Fastlane has a microprocessor that is programmed with advanced neural network algorithms. This uniquely empowers Fastlanes to catch intruders trying to sneak into a building, while ignoring non-human objects like most briefcases, umbrellas or other objects that trigger alarms in competitors’ PLC systems”, Brown continued.

GlassWing also leverages the Fastlane heritage of blending into the fabric of attractive high rise, government and corporate lobbies. GlassWing’s sleek elliptical design and angel-wing style of glass barriers eliminate the ‘mass transit’ look that is so common in the market. Unlike others that have evolved from transit turnstiles, Fastlane GlassWing was designed specifically for lobbies where owners prefer discreet, extremely effective security measures to protect their tenants and other assets.

GlassWing joins the new Fastlane GlassGate and IntelliGate products, creatin g a powerful and broad offering in the explosive ‘glass speedgate’ category of entrance control solutions.

The Fastlane range also includes the Fastlane Plus line of optical/barrier turnstiles, the Fastlane optical turnstile (without barriers) range that is ideal for slightly lower security applications, and the Fastlane Door Detective for doorway tailgate detection.

Smarter Security Systems, Ltd. markets the Fastlane brand of entrance control solutions as well as remote wireless video solutions. For more information on Smarter Security and their products please go to or call 800.943.0043.