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High-Rise Opens with Fastlane Plus
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Customer Survey Guides Us
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New Tech Support Employee
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High-Rise Opens with Fastlane Plus

For years since 2008, speculative buildings were rare in many big cities. This year, one of the first such high-rises since the recession will open in San Francisco, and it will be secured with Fastlane® turnstiles. The building will have three lanes of Fastlane Plus 400MA securing access to the elevator bank. We customized the turnstiles to complement aesthetics of the unique building.

The tower owners selected Fastlane Plus after admiring the looks of it in a nearby building and because they wanted to maximize the flow of people into their building. Fastlane Plus allows entry by up to 60 people per minute and elevator destination dispatch was integrated into the turnstiles for further speed. A display in the turnstile top will tell tenants and visitors which elevator to take to their floor. It’s another case of Fastlane beauty and technology combining to please a customer.

Fastlane Plus 400MA installed

Customer Survey Guides Us

Security is important to success in nearly all sizeable companies and government agencies, and when Smarter Security is involved, we want to help our integrator customers serve their end user clients as well as possible. With this in mind, we conducted a customer survey in November where we talked to many of our customers on the telephone to gather their ratings and input.

We found that many customers still love Smarter Security people and our solutions and that we’ve improved in some areas since our last survey. We also identified a couple of areas where we must work to raise them to the high level to which we aspire. We are grateful for the valuable customers who participated in our survey and look forward to shaping an even better Smarter Security for you.

Customer Survey

New Tech Support Employee

We are happy to announce that we’ve added to our tech support team. Raywyn Bryce joined us last quarter and has already learned much about all our products. If you speak with her, you may wonder where her accent is from – she’s originally from New Zealand.

Raywyn has served many on the phone and visited some of our perimeter security and turnstile installations. We received high and unsolicited praise from a SmarterFence customer whom she helped on site, underscoring our belief that we are now positioned to serve our customers better than ever.

Raywyn Bryce

Visit Us at an Event Soon

As the year gets started, we have plans to be out in the market to showcase our solutions. We invite you to meet us at any of these events in the next few months.

ASG Summit
March 3-4, Seattle

ISC West
Booth #23129
April 2-4, Las Vegas

Expo Seguridad Mexico
Booth #1005
April 8-10, Mexico City

Midwest Security Conference
April 28, Chicago

Smarter Security Events

Border Security Enhanced with SmarterBeam

A federal government integrator had a big job to enhance security from illegal crossings along an international border. This customer selected SmarterBeam VWA100 as part of its integrated surveillance system and purchased over 90 units to deploy at multiple sites along the border. SmarterBeam will protect sites containing cameras, sensors and other equipment.

To be certain SmarterBeam was up to the challenge, the integrator put four units through rigorous testing, and our solution performed well. SmarterBeam VWA100 is a passive infrared motion detector suitable for harsh outdoor environments. It has a detection area 100 feet wide and accurately detects intruders while filtering out nuisance alarms.

SmarterBeam helps in border security

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