Semiconductor Company Puts Glasswing in Factory Building
Semiconductor Company Switches to Glasswing®
Locking brake on Glassgate 400
Locking Brake Available on Glassgate 400
Tim True
New Sales Hires to Better Serve Customers
IP Turnstiles
IP Turnstiles – Why Buy Anything Else?
SmarterFence used by Correctional Facility
Correctional Facility Locks Down with SmarterFence

Semiconductor Company Switches to Glasswing

We recognize Smarter Security is not the only turnstile supplier and so we treat our customers with great care. When a large semiconductor company had a bad service experience with one of our competitors, we got the call. Ten lanes of Fastlane Glasswing are now in a research and manufacturing building, protecting the main lobby and an entrance from a non-secure cafeteria.

Glasswing was selected because the retracting glass barriers match the barriers on the competing turnstiles previously installed. Kratos Public Safety & Security Solutions, Inc. recommended the switch to Smarter Security due to admiration for Robin Hakos’ (Northeast Region Director) responsiveness and follow-through, previous success with Fastlane, as well as the drawings and on-site training we provide.

Fastlane Glasswing

Locking Brake Available on Glassgate 400

Fastlane Glassgate® 400 is our most secure optical turnstile as it’s one of the few on the market with 6-foot high glass barriers. This significant obstacle to surmount also requires sizeable force to push through. A new locking brake option will provide added security and peace of mind for customers seeking to deploy Glassgate 400 in unmanned areas.

The optional locking brake uses interlocking teeth to provide the resistive force and will not allow an intruder to push the barriers open; the glass will break before it swings. For safety, the lock can be disengaged during a fire alarm or power outage. Ask your sales representative about it today or come see a demo at ASIS in Chicago.

Fastlane Glassgate 400

New Sales Hires to Better Serve Customers

Opportunity and demand for both our entry control and our perimeter protection solutions continues to expand, and we have added to our sales force to maintain service levels. Clayton Brown is Smarter Security's new Inside Sales Representative, and he will assist customers and field staff in the Midwest, Canada and Latin America.

Tim True recently joined Smarter Security as our Director, Federal Government & Mid-Atlantic Region. Tim has been involved with federal sales for more than twenty years with companies such as Stanley Security Solutions, Pelco, and L-1 Identity Solutions. Tim resides in northern VA, and will also serve commercial customers in VA, WV, MD, and most of PA.

New Sales Representatives

IP Turnstiles – Why Buy Anything Else?

Security devices are increasingly moving online, and Smarter Security is leading the turnstile category in this direction. In addition to Glassgate 150 and 200, Fastlane Glassgate 400 and Glassgate 250 now feature Fastlane Connect™, making our entire, popular Glassgate line IP-ready. In the coming weeks, Fastlane Plus and Glasswing will also have Connect.

Turnstiles are a significant long-term investment that should not need replacement for many years. Therefore, IP connectivity should be a prerequisite given the speed of technology advances and where access control is heading. Fortunately, Fastlane customers can be “future-proofed” even if they’re not yet ready to enjoy the benefits of having turnstiles on a network.

IP-enabled Turnstiles

Correctional Facility Locks Down with SmarterFence

A correctional facility in the southern United States tired of the false alarms from its perimeter security system and recently installed SmarterFence to help better detect any efforts to escape. Two 20-foot high fences extend about 2,500 feet around the facility. SmarterFence with two dual-zone processors is installed on the interior fence, dividing the perimeter into four zones for quick response to any alarm.

SmarterFence works on a variety of fence fabrics to upgrade the security of the fence by detecting efforts to climb or break through the fence. The fiber optic sensor technology is tuned to accurately report intrusion (or escape!) attempts while filtering out nuisance alarms such as wind, rain and other local, repetitive environmental events.

SmarterFence secures correctional facility

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