U.S Courthouses with Fastlane
Federal Courthouses Continue to Rely on Fastlane®
Fastlane Connect
Glassgate 200 Now Has IP Capability
Specification for Glassgate 150
CSI-formatted Specs for Glassgate Line
Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance Extends Fastlane Life
Airport Hangar Secure with SmarterBeam
SmarterBeam™ Secures Airport Hangar

Federal Courthouses Continue to Rely on Fastlane

Our nation has seen an unfortunate number of shootings and other incidents at courthouses in recent years. In an effort to protect judges and all trial participants and observers, many Federal courthouses have installed Fastlane optical turnstiles to help ensure only authorized people enter the buildings. Over the last decade courthouses in more than 10 states have protected their entrances with Fastlane.

A national integrator just ordered two lanes of Fastlane Glassgate® 400 with full-height barriers for a courthouse in a western state. This model provides the highest level of security with imposing 6-foot swinging glass barriers that deter and delay intruders. Security is paramount, but the elegant design of Fastlane turnstiles also meets the high architectural standards these buildings uphold.

Fastlane Glassgate 400

Glassgate 200 Now Has IP Capability

Last year we announced that Fastlane Connect™, which provides IP capability for Fastlane turnstiles, was available on our newest model, Glassgate 150. We’re happy to announce that Connect is now standard on Glassgate 200 as well. We have plans to extend this capability to other turnstile models as the year progresses.

Connect empowers security officers with more Fastlane turnstile control than they’ve ever had before. And they can control turnstiles from anywhere, using a web-enabled device, such as a smartphone or PC. A new feature on IP-connected Fastlane models is self-adjusting barriers that improve aesthetics and save labor costs associated with periodic adjustments.

Connect  for IP Turnstiles

CSI-formatted Specs for Glassgate Line

If your job is to write specifications for security products, we just made it easier for you. We worked with our existing A&E specifications to put them in the latest CSI format so they are familiar and efficient to work with. At the same time, we wrote a new spec for Fastlane Glassgate 150. With this, we now provide specs for all our Glassgate models.

These A&E specs are available from your local Smarter Security Region Manager and can be downloaded in convenient MS Word format from our web site. Look for more A&E specs for other turnstiles and Door Detective in the coming months.

CSI Specification for Glassgate Turnstiles

Preventive Maintenance Extends Fastlane Life

Fastlane turnstiles have a proven history of longevity and reliability. As with any mechanical device, maintenance is recommended in order to ensure top performance and a long life. With our Preventive Maintenance service program, Smarter Security provides a service integrators can sell to enhance the end user’s security investment.

Preventive Maintenance brings a factory-trained technician to the install location once a year to perform essential functions such as checking electrical connections, lubricating the drive mechanism, adjusting barriers, and removing dust and debris from inside the pedestal. Learn more about how we keep Fastlane turnstiles looking and performing their best with our Technical Services data sheet.

Preventive Maintenance

SmarterBeam Secures Airport Hangar

SmarterBeam is a product that complements our SmarterFence solution when there is an established perimeter, but also works as an independent intrusion detection system in other scenarios. Recent customers buying a few SmarterBeams each to resolve security issues include an airport hangar and a water treatment plant.

SmarterBeam is a sophisticated passive IR motion detector. It’s designed for harsh weather conditions and features advanced technologies to reliably alarm intrusions while minimizing false alarms. Three models of SmarterBeam cover areas as wide as 100’ and as long as 500’ and flexible power options of AC, DC and solar make it easy to install and own.


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