University Secure with Fastlane
University Opens New Center with Fastlane® Entry Control
UL 2593
UL 2593 Certification for GlassGate™ 250
Simon Sheehan
New Federal & Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager
Door Detective
Door Detective™ Sales on Record Pace
Trucking Co.
Trucking Company Stops Theft with SmarterFence™

University Opens New Center with Fastlane

Since the Virginia Tech tragedy, we’ve seen increasing university interest in our Fastlane turnstiles. A Colorado-based university recently installed Fastlane Plus and Fastlane 400 OT to protect entrances for university offices and its student center. Critical in the customer’s choice of Fastlane were local references from customers happy with both Smarter Security support and Fastlane performance.

Fastlane Plus barrier arm turnstiles offer a great value by combining a durable deterrent with intelligent optical technology, and a single lane protects administrative offices. 400 OT visually resembles Fastlane Plus giving the university consistent aesthetics and the open feel it wanted at the main entrance of the new facility. Download a case study about another university using Fastlane Plus.

Fastlane turnstiles

UL 2593 Certification for GlassGate 250

We sometimes have customers in cities that require UL certification of our turnstiles before installation. While the UL certification of our Fastlane power supply has met most needs, we are happy to announce that Fastlane GlassGate 250 has been updated and certified under UL 2593. Not only is this our first, but it is the first speedgate in the industry with such certification.

UL 2593 is a newer standard that is for “motor driven turnstile operators and systems” which is squarely where Fastlane turnstiles fit. With the user and fire safety assurance that comes with UL certification, plan checks and building inspections of GlassGate 250 will be a breeze. More Fastlane models will be certified in early 2013.

GlassGate 250 UL 2593

New Federal & Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager

We are pleased to share the news that we have hired a new sales manager for the east coast. Simon Sheehan joins Smarter Security to handle sales to the federal government, military and several states in the mid-Atlantic region.

Simon brings experience in the turnstile industry, having recently been with Boon Edam, and also worked previously as a National Account Manager with ADT’s Federal Systems Division. He lives in the Washington D.C. Capital Area and we hope you in his territory can meet him soon.

Simon Sheehan

Door Detective Sales on Record Pace

Access control has grown more important over the years with the down economy adding more thieves and disgruntled ex-employees to the list of potential intruders. And technology has advanced along with it, with wireless readers and Near Field Communication some of the more notable recent developments.

We’ve also seen growth in the concern about doorway tailgating and protecting the open door: this is a record year in both revenue and number of orders for Door Detective. With the introduction of Compact, we now offer 3 models and a lower starting price point. Door Detective is used to protect data centers, executive suites, airports, and inventory areas among others. It may be time to complete doorway access control for your sensitive doors.

Door Detective CL

Trucking Company Stops Theft with SmarterFence

A trucking company in the southern United States was facing increasing incidents of thefts of wheels and other equipment from one of its main truck yards. The company moved to put an end to this with SmarterFence because it’s a tried and proven solution at many of its integrator’s customer sites and because it offers a good return on investment.

SmarterFence greatly improves the security of a fence by detecting and alarming if someone is cutting, climbing, or lifting the fence to crawl under it. The fiber optic sensor technology is highly reliable and minimizes false alarms. With the yard quiet, the trucking company can better focus on its business of transporting goods for its customers.


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