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Fortune 100 Company Protects Execs with Door Detective™
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IP Connectivity for Fastlane® Turnstiles
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Smarter Security Upgrades Trade Show Presence
New SmarterBeam
New SmarterBeam™ Advances Perimeter Security
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Detention Center Secures Roof with SmarterBeam

Fortune 100 Company Protects Execs with Door Detective

A Fortune 100 technology company recently moved to better protect its leaders by installing Door Detective on doors to its executive suites. Issues with tailgaters entering the area undetected and disturbing corporate executives prompted the company to test various solutions to supplement their access-controlled doors. Door Detective CL won the head-to-head test and was chosen because of its alarm accuracy, elegant design and visual indicators; 12 units were deployed.

Door Detective is ideal for protecting the open doorway from tailgaters, direction violations, and collusion by forcing authorization in a specified direction for each person passing through. It works with any access control system and helps with anti-passback enforcement too. Access control is incomplete without it.

Door Detective CL

IP Connectivity for Fastlane Turnstiles

It is our objective to bring you the latest technology innovations in entrance control and to this end we are happy to announce Fastlane Connect™, which puts your Fastlane turnstiles online. IP connectivity makes installation easier and offers ongoing benefits, such as maximum uptime, improved performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Fastlane Connect is an optional feature shipping with GlassGate 150 and will be added to other turnstile models later this year. With this connection, turnstiles can be diagnosed and adjusted from across the lobby or around the world. Given proper access, Smarter Security will push out firmware updates automatically. Any computer, tablet or smartphone can be used by security staff to authorize visitor entry. Once you have IP connectivity, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Connect screenshot

Smarter Security Upgrades Trade Show Presence

We were happy to see many new and familiar faces at ISC West in March, where visitors encountered an all-new look and experience. Brighter colors and more lighting help showcase our entry and perimeter security solutions. New demo workstations allow convenient views of software to manage the systems, including the new Fastlane Connect interface. 

Large monitors present high-definition, digital views of installed Fastlane turnstiles which help showcase the aesthetic preeminence of the line. Comfortable tables and chairs provide a space for visitors to rest or meet with our team members. If you didn’t make it out in March, come see us at ASIS in the fall.

Tradeshow booth

New SmarterBeam Advances Perimeter Security

Already a popular solution for outdoor intrusion detection,SmarterBeam CLR500+ expands the line and offers new capabilities. This new passive infrared motion detector has three alarm outputs which allow the 500-foot-long protected area to be divided into zones to better pinpoint where the intrusion occurred. This enables a more efficient and superior alarm response.

CLR500+ also improves security by narrowing the gap in coverage immediately next to the mounted unit which increases the detection area by 4%. Finally, the new model comes with a universal bracket for wall, pole or ceiling mount to simplify user management.

New SmarterBeam

Detention Center Secures Roof with SmarterBeam

A county detention center on the west coast wanted to detect and then stop any activity on its roof – either intrusions or escape attempts. SmarterBeam was chosen and 30 wide-angle units are to be installed in zones covering the rooftop. Upon detecting movement the SmarterBeam VWA100 units will turn on flood lights and activate CCTV cameras to focus on the area to capture the event.

SmarterBeam is a passive infrared motion detector for outdoor security applications, and three models are available, including the VWA100 that has a 100-foot wide, fan-out detection area. SmarterBeam was selected for this project because of its ability to perform in harsh weather conditions and its high reliability that stems from advanced technology.

SmarterBeam VWA100 Coverage Pattern

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