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Boston High-Rises Secure Leases with Fastlane Plus




Boston High-Rises are More Competitive with Fastlane Plus



Smarter Continues to Expand Team



Fastlane® Turnstile Design Enhancements Add Value



Smarter Receives Award from IDL



Large East Coast Utility Secures Substations with SmarterFence™



Boston High-Rises are More Competitive with Fastlane Plus

The recent recession has hit northern office markets hard, driving down rents and increasing competition. Taking advantage of low interest rates, a property management company invested in building upgrades for two Boston towers to better compete for tenants. Each building installed two sets of three lanes ofFastlane Plus AS turnstiles and integrated them with Otis elevator dispatch displays. This improvement in lobby security also shortens the time it takes for tenants to get to their offices by reducing stops in the lobby and in the elevators.


Fastlane Plus AS was chosen because the building owners enjoy success with Fastlane Plus in other office towers in the northeast and because the longer AS pedestals work well with the Otis lift display. FastScan TVS is also used with the units to better handle visitors and speed traffic through the lanes. This advanced use of access control technology is easy to demonstrate and has tangible tenant value to help secure leases.


Fastlane Plus AS

Smarter Continues to Expand Team

We continue to build out our team to better serve our customers and to support our growth plans for the future. In recent months, we’ve added three new employees across the company.



Stori Waugh recently joined the Smarter team as our Vice President of Marketing. She will lead the marketing and product development teams from our Austin headquarters.




Shawn McFarlane started with the company the week of ASIS. Living in San Diego, she is our Western Region Sales Manager helping customers with entry control and perimeter security needs.




Shane Petershas assisted us for over a year and just formally joined the company as a Technical Support Representative. He resides in New York City and will serve entry control customers in the northeast and along the east coast.





New Staff


Fastlane Turnstile Design Enhancements Add Value

Smarter Security regularly unveils all-new turnstilesto better meet market needs. Sometimes, however, when a particular product line is performing well, we simply look to improve it. Several key products, including GlassGate 200 and the Fastlane Plus barrier arm turnstiles benefit from design enhancements implemented in the last few months.


Most noticeable in the design is the bottom of the pedestals where the black bases have disappeared, giving way to stainless steel that extends to the floor. An industry favorite, GlassGate 200 also has its alarm lights updated to match more recent models. A leader never rests. We’re also working on exciting technical improvements and plan to announce those soon.


Fastlane Design Enhancements

Smarter Receives Award from IDL

As we announced in last quarter’s eNewsletter, Smarter Security has driven Fastlane to the top of the industry for optical turnstiles in the Americas. This success was further recognized by our partner, IDL, as Smarter leads all geographies throughout the world. An award was presented by IDL to our CEO, Jeff Brown, at the ASIS show two months ago.


We are pleased to receive this recognition and are grateful to all of our customers whose business helped contribute to this achievement. We understand the impact our leadership position allows us to have on the industry and pledge to provide the products and service demanded by those seeking superior lobby and doorway security.


Award from IDL

Large East Coast Utility Secures Substations with SmarterFence

SmarterFence was chosen by a large electric utility on the east coast to better protect its service and its people. After too many costly issues, the customer sought a solution to alarm anyone breaking into their remote substations. Recently installed at one substation, SmarterFence will soon be installed at two more to help keep employees safe and the power on across more of the utility’s service area.


Electric utilities have been victims of copper theft crimes for years and now have federal regulations from FERC driving them to better secure their field operations. SmarterFence is relied on by utilities of all sizes as a perimeter intrusion detection system to protect our critical infrastructure because it is cost-effective, highly reliable, and immune to lighting and EMI/RFI.


Founded in 1992, Smarter Security Systems provides premium, innovative entry control and outdoor security solutions. For more information please go or call 800-943-0043.


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