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Q2 2011

Large Biotech Company Secures Buildings with Fastlane

arrow Leading Biotech Firm Improves Lobby Security with Fastlane


arrow New Fastlane GlassGate 150 – Compact Unit, Compact Price


arrow New Door Detective Mini Optical Secures Hallways


arrow Smarter Security New Hires Improve Business


arrow Copper Thief Caught with Help of SmarterFence


Leading Biotech Firm Improves Lobby Security with Fastlane

In the competitive and high stakes biotechnology industry, corporate security is paramount. One leading company installed Fastlane Plus many years ago as part of its security measures. The customer recently replaced the aging turnstiles with Fastlane GlassGate 250, making it one of our first customers of the product introduced last year. The same firm has since installed GlassGate 250 and GlassWing at other facilities as it extends its security efforts to more of its buildings.


The customer came back to Smarter because of superior product performance and proactive support provided to them over the years. They chose two lanes of GlassGate 250 for their headquarters because of the attractiveness of the shorter glass and the fact that the small pedestals fit nicely in the space where the old turnstiles had been.


GlassGate 250

New Fastlane GlassGate 150 – Compact Unit, Compact Price

Speedgates are the most popular form of optical turnstile these days due to aesthetics and security, two areas where Fastlane excels. With our new Fastlane GlassGate 150 even more building security managers will be able to afford to step up from tripods or pure optical turnstiles. GlassGate 150 is our entry-level speedgate but has more advantages than just price.


GlassGate 150 has a unique and elegant design among our speedgates, with glass side panels and more LED lane status lights. The distinctive near-silent operation and fast-moving, swinging gates appeal to users and security personnel. With pedestals only 6.3” wide and 44.9” long, it’s the smallest speedgate in the industry.


GlassGate 150




New Door Detective Mini Optical Secures Hallways

The latest Door Detective adds a new security option for building access control. Hallways, corridors, and passageways can now be secured with access control through use of Door Detective Mini Optical. While turnstiles are generally too large for this application, Mini Optical fits nicely and is available at a much lower price point.


With units that can be mounted to a wall or the floor, or be used with a floor protector, installation is convenient. Mini Optical can also be used at doorways as an alternative and will perform on double doors where both doors are used. This Door Detective can also be set up in a multiple-lane configuration with an interlane unit.



Door Detective Mini Optical


Smarter Security New Hires Improve Business

Smarter continues to make strides to improve our efficiency and support so our customers receive competitive prices and excellent service. With these goals in mind, we are pleased to announce the hiring of three new employees who joined our team this quarter.

Jack Leach is our Director of Operations who is spearheading efforts to streamline processes, increase customer satisfaction, lower operating costs, and improve many facets of the business operations.

Lisa Dodge is our Office Manager/HR Coordinator who works to keep our IT and facilities optimized and our employees happy and informed.

Jonathan Felan is our newest Technical Support Rep who will be in touch with many customers through tech support efforts and on-site professional services, such as commissioning.


New Smarter Employees

With the economy still limping along and copper prices back up to 2008 levels, copper thefts have been on the rise again. One of our SmarterFence customers foiled an attempted copper theft and arrested the intruder. Denton Municipal Electric installed SmarterFence at 13 of its substations and equipment storage yards. This thief climbed over the fence at a remote substation, triggering the alarm from SmarterFence. Well-placed cameras allowed dispatch personnel to keep the person in view until the police arrived. Officers caught him inside the control house stacking up copper to steal and arrested him.


The city of Denton, TX is like many customers of SmarterFence who try it on one site and come back for more because they appreciate its effectiveness, value, and reliability. While a fence is fine deterrent and cameras do have an important role, these security measures are amplified and augmented with SmarterFence to provide an early warning of a perimeter breach.



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