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Q4 2009

Door Detective Protects University
Door Detective Protects University Facilities


arrow Top 20 University Chooses Door Detective


arrow Fastlane® in Fall Sci-Fi Movie


arrow Smarter Recognized Among Austin Companies


arrow Change in Support from Smarter


arrow GVEC Secures Electrical Substations with Smarter Outdoor Solutions




Top 20 University Chooses Door Detective

A top 20 university on the east coast recently augmented its access control by securing the open door. The community feel at universities and the often large populations make them particularly susceptible to tailgating threats. This university purchased more than ten Fastlane Door Detectives to improve security for its data centers and other critical areas.


Door Detective uses intelligent Fastlane optical technology to force authorization for every person entering a secure area and take the burden of “badge checking” off of the person who first opens the door. Securing our institutions of higher learning is securing our country’s future.


Door Detective


Fastlane in Fall Sci-Fi Movie

We caught a glimpse of a possible future this fall in the movie Surrogates. This sci-fi action film starring Bruce Willis portrays a time in which people stay at home and neurally control synthetic counterparts who work, live, and interact in the everyday world. Set designers looked for the optical turnstile of the future for an office building scene and chose Fastlane GlassGate™. Sleek and elegant, GlassGate complimented the high-tech office environment in the movie and does the same in the real world in 2009.




Smarter Recognized Among Austin Companies

BusinessWeek released a ranking in October of the top 40 metro areas based on economic strength, factoring in measures such as job growth and economic growth. Number 2 on the list is Austin, TX, where Smarter Security has its headquarters. Smarter Security is part of the economic strength of our community and the Austin Business Journal last week named us the #12 fastest-growing private company with more than $10M in revenue. We are pleased to receive this recognition and to contribute to our local economic vitality.


Fast 50 Winner

Change in Support from Smarter

About a year ago, Smarter unveiled a new online support center to better serve our customers. This support center is always available, shows a history of your support requests, and logs a record of communications for each ticket. Many customers are using our online support center today. To complete the migration, we just discontinued accepting support requests through an email address at the beginning of November. Please note this change and know that we are happy to receive your support requests on the phone or online.


Smarter Support Center


GVEC Secures Electrical Substations with Smarter Outdoor Solutions

The Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) opened a new substation last year in a remote area and chose SmarterFence™ and SmarterBeam™ to protect its property from theft and vandalism. The two products comply with NERC reliability standards and seamlessly protect the perimeter by sending alarm signals to DVRs for real-time video verification at their control center.


GVEC has been pleased with the protection Smarter Outdoor products provide and recently installed SmarterFence to protect another substation in an effort to deter thieves and vandals and ensure reliable electric service for its members.


Smarter Outdoor


Founded in 1992, Smarter Security Systems provides extremely intelligent entry control and outdoor security solutions. For more information please go to or call 800.943.0043.




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