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Q1 2010

Large High-Rise Upgrades with Fastlane
Large High-Rise Upgrades with Fastlane


arrow Top Building in Southern U.S. Chooses Fastlane® GlassGate™


arrow New Entry-Level Speedgate - GlassGate 250


arrow Touchscreen Remote Console Available


arrow Fastlane is #1 per Industry Research Report


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Top Building in Southern U.S. Chooses Fastlane GlassGate

One of the tallest high-rise buildings in the southern United States recently upgraded its lobby security in order to retain and attract more tenants. Central to the upgrade was the addition of optical turnstiles. The client selected Fastlane GlassGate 200 with 4-foot-high glass and worked with Smarter to customize the units in a black powder coat paint to better complement the lobby architecture.


The customer ordered four lanes and placed two ADA lanes at each entrance to the elevator bays. Having all lanes of an ADA width results in more uniform aesthetics and allows ample room for all persons through each lane.


GlassGate Turnstiles


New Entry-Level Speedgate - GlassGate 250

Fastlane speedgates are frequent choices for building lobbies due to the combination of high security and premium aesthetics. Our new entry-level GlassGate 250 makes speedgates affordable for even more buildings. GlassGate 250 is compact, with a pedestal only 48.3” long and 7.2” wide. At just over 36” high, the two glass barriers are shorter than the pedestals. Reflecting Fastlane’s continuous drive for elegance, the glass barriers retract to be flush with the sides of the pedestals when fully open. The design with glass on both sides of the pedestals saves customer’s space and money as fewer pedestals are needed.


GlassGate 250 Turnstile


Touchscreen Remote Console Available

Recently added to the options with Fastlane turnstiles is the Touchscreen Remote console. This console provides complete control of up to eight Fastlane lanes and is much smaller than its predecessor. The intuitive interface makes it easy for security officers to allow visitors to pass, to change the turnstile mode, or to see which lanes are down or alarming. A second-stage turnstile alarm will indicate the lane and audibly annunciate the intrusion at the console. Touchscreen Remote also provides counting so you know the building occupancy at any time.


Fastlane Touchscreen Remote

Fastlane is #1 per Industry Research Report

The Fortune 500, the U.S. Government, building owners, and integrators alike have voted with their dollars, and Fastlane is the overwhelming optical turnstile winner. IMS Research, a key supplier of market research on the global electronics industry, released a study in November on the entrance control market in the Americas.

In this biennial report, IMS concluded that Fastlane more than doubled its market share for speedgates and barrier arm turnstiles used in building lobbies.


Fastlane is now number 1 in the industry, leading the next supplier by about 7 percentage points. We are proud of this accomplishment, but even more proud to support and supply our customers with superior entrance control solutions.


#1 Turnstile in US


See Smarter Solutions at Upcoming Events

Smarter Security will be exhibiting at several events in the next few months. We invite you to demonstrate our Fastlane products at ISC West or visit us at any of these other locations.

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