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Q2 2010

Large High-Rise Upgrades with Fastlane
Door Detective Protects Classified SCIFs


arrow Fastlane® Door Detective™ Protects SCIFs for IT Services Company


arrow Elevator Integration with Fastlane Turnstiles


arrow New Web Site for Smarter Security


arrow Webinar Replay: Lobby Security – Spending Less, Doing More


arrow Federal Agency Deploys Suite of Smarter Outdoor™ Products


Fastlane Door Detective Protects SCIFs for IT Services Company

A Fortune 500 IT services company recently installed eight Door Detectives to help protect classified information within four Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIFs). Door Detectives are mounted on the walls of the hallway several feet in front of the SCIF door. In this position, they extend the perimeter of the SCIF as required by the CIA. Door Detective alarms any unauthorized approach to the SCIF providing early warning of an intrusion and allowing additional time for security to respond.


Door Detective forces authorization for each person and detect tailgaters and direction violations while minimizing false alarms. It is often used to better secure open doors but is effective in hallways as well.


Door Detective Tailgate Detection


Elevator Integration with Fastlane Turnstiles

If you’re looking for additional ways to improve security and traffic flow for your building lobby, Smarter Security offers elevator integration technology with select Fastlane optical turnstiles. With a screen mounted atop or inside the top of a pedestal, you can greet entrants by name and direct them to move towards a certain elevator bank.


With this integration, you can improve elevator efficiency to maximize traffic flow and also limit access to elevator banks to those who need access. Fastlane turnstiles have been integrated with elevators by Otis and KONE and several Fastlane customers are deploying this technology. Contact your salesperson for more information.


Turnstile Elevator Integration


New Web Site for Smarter Security

Smarter launched a new web site last month intended to provide more information and make it easier to find what you’re looking for online. Our new site has a cleaner layout, more intuitive navigation, and a robust search function that can help speed you to the content you seek. We’ve also added more photos and videos to help you better see and understand the products you are considering buying.


We invite you to visit our new web site to see for yourself, and while you’re there, read from our blog and consider joining the security community to better engage with others in the industry.


Smarter Security

Webinar Replay: Lobby Security – Spending Less, Doing More

Smarter Security initiated a new webinar program to help educate those involved in entrance control, perimeter protection, or outdoor security. The first installment in this new webinar program was last week and featured a security director of a class A high-rise in Chicago discussing how he improved lobby security while reducing costs by installing Fastlane turnstiles and unique visitor management technologies.


We invite you to view a replay of this webinar, “Lobby Security – Spending Less, Doing More,” at your convenience. We aim to bring you two or three educational topics each year. Stay tuned for information on the next webinar and join us sometime to learn more.


Webinar: Lobby Security - Spending Less, Doing More


Federal Agency Deploys Suite of Smarter Outdoor Products

A federal agency recently deployed several Smarter Outdoor products to protect itself…from itself. In an unusual application, this agency secured an unfenced perimeter in order to detect if any employee is entering an area where he might be exposed to radiation from underground operations.


Four SmarterBeams are used to form a virtual perimeter surrounding the area and with precision optics and passive infrared technology alarm if anyone has passed into the danger zone. SmarterDVR 200 sends email alerts of the alarm to a nearby control center and directs one of two SmarterCam PTZ cameras to focus on the incident for attendant verification. Intelligent Smarter Outdoor products seamlessly integrate with one another to provide maximum protection.


Outdoor Security Solutions



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