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Q4 2010


ClearStyle Protects Finanical Operations
Financial Operations Secure with Fastlane ClearStyle 200


arrow Financial Center Protected with Fastlane® ClearStyle™


arrow Technical Services Now Include Preventive Maintenance


arrow Improved GlassGate 250 Shines at ASIS


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Financial Center Protected With Fastlane ClearStyle 200

Sometimes it’s not just intruders you want to control. A workers compensation operation on the West Coast installed three lanes of ClearStyle 200 at an employee entrance at its headquarters. While protecting the operations from intruders was a primary objective, at this entrance, the customer also sought to change behaviors of employees who disregarded security policies by forgetting and borrowing badges or piggybacking into work.


ClearStyle 200 was chosen because its unique aesthetic design complemented the building entrance and the non-barrier approach is consistent with the open, friendly nature of the organization. The building is secure without barriers because any turnstile violation immediately locks down sliding glass doors just beyond the turnstiles. Employees are now much more aware of and compliant with security policies.



Optical Turnstile

Technical Services Now Include Preventive Maintenance

Many integrators and end users have relied on Smarter for commissioning services and technical support. Commissioning provides a Fastlane expert’s review of newly installed turnstiles to be sure they are ready for everyday usage. Commissioning also includes technical training and operational training to help managers optimize the turnstiles for their lobbies.


A new offering from Smarter is Preventive Maintenance. While Fastlane turnstiles are durable and designed for heavy usage, they are mechanical devices that need occasional maintenance, and in some cases, suffer abuse that requires adjustments or minor repairs. With Preventive Maintenance, a Smarter technician will visit twice a year to perform a variety of checks and services to ensure customers realize the maximum benefits from Fastlane systems. For more information download our Technical Services data sheet.


Fastlane Technical Services




Improved GlassGate 250 Shines at ASIS

We presented our latest Fastlane GlassGate 250 at ASIS last month. The current model is shorter than the original and has faster moving barriers for optimal speed in busy building lobbies. It was well-received at ASIS and as shown in the photo, literally “shined,” as the special Rimex body was highly reflective.


In this turnstile at ASIS we also demonstrated the concept of integrating elevator dispatch displays into the top of turnstiles which offers the primary benefit of greater speed for users. You can learn more on elevator destination control and how it helps with speed and security by viewing a replay of our webinar from last month. Contact your Smarter Security Regional Sales Manager if you want to know more.


GlassGate 250


The Video Age - We're With You

We are well into the “Video Age” where people are consuming videos for entertainment, news, and education as never before. It is a powerful medium that has great benefits for businesses as well. With this in mind, we offer videos for many of our products on our web site. These are intended to demonstrate how the products work or how to properly use them. See them in our video center or on any product page.


While security is serious business, we like to have fun too. So we made an entertaining video that we invite you to watch on YouTube. It’s short and styled after the Charlie Chaplin films from a different age. If you work with Smarter Security, the bonus is you get to see some of our Austin employees with whom you may work.



YouTube Video



SmarterBeam Customer Returns for More

When a customer returns to buy more of the same from you, it reflects well on your product and your organization. One of our customers using many SmarterBeams for intrusion detection in harsh environments did just that. Their latest order of more than 50 SmarterBeams will be used to protect additional sites that are somewhat temporary in nature. The easy installation and portability of SmarterBeam contribute to its effectiveness in this application.


SmarterBeam is durable and robustly designed to perform in challenging outdoor environments. This has been proven for this customer after 18+ months of service with the units in its initial order. The highly reliable passive infrared technology and precision engineering make SmarterBeam ideal for protecting important operations.






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