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Q1 2011


GlassWing Secures Utility HeadquartersTop Electric Utility Secures Lobbies with GlassWing

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Top 10 Electric Utility Secures Headquarters with Fastlane GlassWing

One of the country's top electric utilities recently moved to better protect its headquarters operations. There were multiple lobbies to secure and 13 lanes of GlassWing were installed over 4 main entrances. Company executives drove the security upgrade and also helped choose Fastlane over the competition due to the advanced barrier security as well as its premium look and feel; as we like to say, Fastlane clearly provides the best in both brains and beauty.


Because different lobbies in the building have different aesthetics, some lanes were fitted with brass pedestals and some with stainless steel. All had stone tops, but the color of the granite was customized to complement the particular entrance. LED lights were added to illuminate the glass barriers for added elegance. Smarter worked closely with the customer to get the look right, but security was the main goal, and it's been a huge success for the utility.



GlassWing Speedgate

New Door Detective Looks Better, Costs Less

With tailgating protection for doors gaining more industry appeal, we're pleased to introduce the latest Door Detective. The Compact model is more elegant due to its small size and stainless steel body. With the ability to embed an iClass® or prox reader into the unit, Door Detective Compact further enhances the aesthetics of the doorway. The LED status indicator lights clearly communicate and are attractive as well.


The sensor and the processing units are physically separated with the Compact model. This allows additional "head units" (the visible part) to share the processor and be mounted on the doorway for even tighter security at a fraction of the cost of the initial unit. Superior intelligence in the system makes it better at its core function of detecting tailgaters. Priced lower than current models, Door Detective Compact will appeal to an even broader audience.


Door Detective




See Smarter Solutions at ISC West and More

Smarter Security will have Door Detective Compact and several new turnstiles on display at ISC West this year. We invite you to stop by to see our Fastlane solutions here or visit us at other events where we may also showcase Smarter Outdooor solutions.


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April 6-8, Las Vegas



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May 17-19, 2011, Fairfax, VA


ISC West 2011


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Electric Co-ops Across Texas Use SmarterFence

Copper prices are nearing all-time highs. That paired with the effectiveness of SmarterFence for electric cooperatives has led to five co-ops in Texas ordering SmarterFence this year to protect over 10 substations. Some are new customers, and several customers are returning for more after great experiences with prior installations.


SmarterFence is a highly reliable fiber optic intrusion detection system and is ideal for co-ops and other utility substations because their perimeters are usually a mile or less. While SmarterFence can protect larger sites, it is extremely cost-effective at detecting intruders cutting or climbing fences around these smaller areas. When compared to the cost of damage and replacement metals, the interruption of utility service, and the safety hazards resulting from missing copper, SmarterFence makes total sense.







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